CORE’s strategic programming focuses on creating a supportive environment for local organizations and residents to convene and discuss matters pertaining to the community. CORE creates opportunities for people to come together and discuss important community matters while being supported by a team of economic leaders and local champions. CORE’s community-focused programming informs and educates the public while also creating opportunities for people to engage with and support the community they work and live in.

CORE Community

CORE supports community organizations and citizens by hosting regular events that bring people together. We plan and host quarterly meetings, coffee chats, trainings, and workshops throughout the year for people to connect and learn from one another. In addition to the board development and strategic planning we provide, we also facilitate collaborative projects that focus on community engagement and action.

CORE Create

CORE provides incubation services for community-based projects. We also carry forward the work of Mahoosuc Heart & Soul, supporting the implementation of the Action Plan and bringing the Values Statements to life. We support projects by supplying general organizational needs—this can include community outreach, convening, facilitation, fiscal sponsorship, and fundraising support.

CORE Connect

As a rural community builder and leader, CORE connects organizations in Maine and New Hampshire that are working to increase their community’s engagement. This network of interested and supportive members collaborates and shares engagement solutions and firsthand experiences about bringing people together for the greater good.

CORE Conversations

CORE hosts events that allow community members to engage in authentic and meaningful conversations. These events connect community members, foster mutual respect among participants, and forge social connections that lead to productive solutions for community challenges. As a community convener, CORE also hosts public forums, informal gatherings, and celebrations.

Call: (207) 357-3189


Address: P.O. Box 1256Bethel, ME 04217


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