About Us

CORE is a nonprofit organization that unites member organizations and local citizens to cultivate an engaged and thriving community. Through community-wide initiatives, CORE delivers resources, programming, networking events, and mentorship opportunities that bring businesses and people together to build and inspire community.

  • CORE’s strategic programming focuses on creating a supportive environment for local organizations and residents to convene and discuss matters pertaining to the community.
  • CORE creates opportunities for people to come together and discuss important community matters while being supported by a team of economic leaders and local champions.
  • CORE’s community-focused programming informs and educates the public while also creating opportunities for people to engage with and support the community they work and live in.

Board Members:

Bonnie Pooley | President

Gabe Perkins | Vice President

Jessie Perkins | Secretary

Savannah Sessions | Treasurer

Liz Repetto | Director


Amy Scott | Executive Director

Catherine Ingraham | Program Coordinator

Call: (207) 357-3189

Email: info@inspirecore.org

Address: P.O. Box 1256Bethel, ME 04217


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